Commencement 2022 FAQs


We will be celebrating the School of Engineering undergraduate Class of 2022 with an in-person Commencement ceremony. It will be held in Gampel Pavilion on Saturday May 7, 2022 from 9am to 11am. Guest admission to the ceremony is by ticket only. Candidates for graduation do not need a ticket for admission to the ceremony. Eight (8) guest tickets are being allotted per candidate.
In-person at Gampel Pavilion on the UConn Storrs Campus.
Saturday, May 7th, 2022. Gampel will open at 8AM. Ceremony will run from 9AM-11AM.

Starting April 5th, eight (8) guest tickets per candidates are available for pick-up at the bookstore. The ticket counter is on the second floor. If your guests live out of town we STRONGLY recommend you get the tickets to them long before Commencement Day.

Lost tickets will NOT be replaced.

There is no "Will Call" for commencement tickets - students are solely responsible for getting these to their guests.

Additionally, we encourage candidates to only take the number of tickets they will actually use.

Children four (4) and older will require a ticket to attend the ceremony.

If you have additional family members and friends who are interested in watching but you do not have enough guest tickets, please let them know about the live streaming of our ceremonies.

If you are a regional student you may complete the 2022 Commencement Guest Tickets Request Form ( and your tickets will be mailed to the address you provide in the web form. - NOTE: Tickets will not be mailed after 12:00pm (Noon) on Friday, April 22, 2022. 

The Ticket Desk will be open on Saturday, May 7. 

To be added to the extra ticket wait list, you must enter a reasonable request (a few extra tickets) in our google form here. form your UCONN husky mail account.  To assure that guests you did not invite do not get tickets, requests for extra tickets made from non-UConn email accounts will be deleted.

Being placed on our waitlist is not a guarantee of being issued extra tickets, although we do our best to accommodate these requests.

Extra tickets are not issued until most eligible students have picked up their tickets at the Bookstore. Once most students have done this, the Bookstore will release the extras to us for distribution to our waitlist. This generally happens about 10 days before Commencement. We will notify you when extra tickets become available, and give you a location and timeframe for pick-up. Candidates for graduation must pick up their extra tickets in person. You will need to bring your UConn ID.

*** If you graduated in December 2021, the University Commencement office will mail you your 8 guest tickets. Your tickets will be mailed to the address you provide on this form. . If you cannot come to campus to pick up your EXTRA tickets, email us to request an alternate method for getting them.

In the meantime, be sure to pick up your 8 guaranteed tickets at the UConn Bookstore ticket counter when they become available (4/5/2022).

Masks are not required but they are recommended.
As early as 7:30am but no later than 7:45am.

Students are not required to participate in Commencement – it is optional. To participate in the commencement ceremony, all 2021 graduates, and the 2022 candidates for graduation (aka: graduating seniors) must purchase a UConn gown, mortar board (cap), and the School of Engineering tassel (orange). For more information on how to purchase your regalia, read our FAQ titled "How Can I Order Regalia" on this webpage.

Candidates must wear proper attire under their graduation gown. Shoes are required.

Mortarboards are REQUIRED and should be worn level. Tassels should hang from the right side when the student enters Gampel, to be moved to the left during the ceremony when they are told to do so.

As it gets closer to May, there WILL be long lines at the Bookstore to purchase these items – so get yours as soon as you can! 

To participate in the ceremony students MUST purchase regalia (cap & gown), here is how to do that:

The online ordering portal for regalia is now open. You have several options:.

1. Order Regalia Online and Ship to Home: Visit the portal, select the Ship to Home option, and complete your order. There is a $13.95 domestic/$60.00 international shipping and handling charge to have your regalia shipped home. Deadline to place your online Ship to Home order is April 15, 2022. Ship to Home orders will be filled, packaged, and shipped out by our vendor as they are received.

2. Purchase Regalia in the UConn Bookstore: Regalia items will be available for in-store purchase at the Avery Point, Hartford, Stamford, and Storrs Bookstore locations starting on April 1, 2022. 

The Storrs bookstore will be open Monday -Thursday 8am-8pm, Friday 8am-6pm, and 8am-6pm on the weekend of commencement. 


IT IS NOT AUTOMATIC. By the fourth week of their final semester at UConn, all students must apply to graduate via Student Admin. This is the trigger that informs the Office of the Registrar to conduct a “degree audit” of a student’s transcript. Once a student completes their final semester, if Degree Audit determines all requirements have been met, a diploma is granted. Applying by the fourth week also ensures you will be included in Commencement communications. If a student fails to apply for graduation, a degree audit will not be conducted, their name will not appear in the commencement book, they will not be listed as eligible to purchase a cap/gown/tassel, and they will not be granted in-person ceremony tickets for their guests.
All May 2022, August 2022, and December 2021 graduates.
December graduates are only eligible to participate in the next calendar year’s ceremony. For example: a student finishing their degree requirements in December 2022, is only eligible to “walk” in the May 2023 commencement ceremony. This long-standing University rule applies to all schools and colleges and is firm. No exceptions will be made.

December 2021 School of Engineering graduates will participate in the 2022 Engineering Undergraduate ceremony on Saturday, May 7th, 2022 (9am to 11am).
Information about Masters, Doctoral and all other ceremonies can be found here:

You can attend either the School of Engineering commencement, the School of Business commencement, both ceremonies, or none.

UConn diploma covers will be distributed at the 2022 Commencement ceremony.

Degrees are posted 1 to 6 weeks after your actual conferral date. Notification is sent via email once your record has been updated.

Diplomas are mailed to the address you have on-file in StudentAdmin approximately 8 to 10 weeks after your graduation date.

We ask that students only wear stoles/cords/etc. that are provided to them due to scholastic honors or from a UCONN registered student organization (RSO).

While guests are waiting for the ceremony to begin, we run a slideshow of the graduating class in Gampel on the jumbo TV monitors. (We run the slideshow at Senior Design Demo Day as well.)

The deadline for submission by 11:30 pm on Sunday, April 10th. Our students have been emailed the 2022 Engineering Grad Slide Submission google form from Students missing the deadline will NOT have a slide included in the slideshow.

To prevent others from submitting a slide for you, you must submit from your UConn email account. Short on time? Have a parent/sibling/friend make a slide for you and email it to you so YOU can submit it form your UConn email address. The slide must meet ALL of these conditions to be included:

  • ppt format (Microsoft PowerPoint) ONLY
  • slide must be exactly 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high (landscape orientation)
  • Picture must be of you ONLY – no group shots (indistinguishable “crowd” faces in the background is fine).
  • A professional head-shot can be used but it is not expected. The picture can be a candid – you  doing a hobby, traveling, working, sky diving, climbing a mountain, etc.
  • A caption is required ON the slide with: first and last name, major, and hometown ONLY (any font and size that fits). No hashtags, political slogans, etc. or other readable items are allowed.
  • Appropriate for family viewing.

Most students use a portrait oriented picture and put a banner with the information we require to “fill in” the slide and make it LANDSCAPE orientation. Remove “red-eye” if you can, since this looks very bad on the Gampel jumbo TVs. Do  NOT  s  t  r  e  t  c  h  your photo – this produces odd-looking results.

For slide ideas, view the 2021 slideshow here. 

Visit this link:

Voting closes Friday March 18, 2022.

You will need to log in with your NetID and password. Once you do, select your major (or what you consider your primary major, if you are a dual degree or double major) and select the faculty member from the drop-down list.

As part of the ceremony, we traditionally have a student speaker to share their thoughts on this significant accomplishment. We invite you to consider applying for the honor of being the student speaker! To apply for this honor please attach a 2-3 minute video answering “Why do you want to be the 2022 Student Speaker at Commencement?” to this form:

The deadline for submission is Monday March 7, 2022.

UConn will be hosting live-streams of all Commencement ceremonies. For those unable to obtain a guest ticket or make the trip to Storrs, the School of Engineering ceremony will be live-streamed on the internet. This is the link for the stream.

Shortly after the live-stream is completed, a video recording will be available for on-demand watching via the same webpage.

Traffic into the Storrs area is extraordinarily heavy on Commencement Day; please allow plenty of extra time. It is recommended to enter campus on the Route 44.

Parking will be available at no cost in the North and South Parking Garages on Commencement Day. Handicap parking will be available in both garages on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Additionally, there is no charge at select surface parking lots.  

The closest available area for handicapped parking is on the ground level of the South Parking Garage, which is adjacent to Gampel. Handicapped parking spaces are only available for vehicles displaying a permit issued by a state Motor Vehicles Department. These spaces are limited and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. We suggest that you consider dropping off guests needing special assistance with one other family member in front of Gampel. Gampel personnel will be happy to assist you and your guests.

There is an area reserved for wheelchair users on the Concourse Level and this seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. To allow sufficient space for all guests who use wheelchairs, we ask that only one family member or friend plan on sitting in the area set aside for people needing this accommodation. You do NOT need to reserve this accommodation, we are happy to assist all people needing this assistance.

The university does not have wheelchairs to loan available on campus. If an individual is in need of a wheelchair, they must provide one themselves. However, Gampel is wheelchair/handicapped accessible.

For hearing impaired guests, the University provides a sign language interpreter for all ceremonies. Please let staff members know if you need this service when you arrive at Gampel.

Additionally, free of charge and upon request, there will be assistive listening systems. Please visit the A/V platform (directly above Section C-109) and ask a member of the event staff (wearing yellow jackets) to help retrieve a system. 

If you are an individual with a disability or have a guest that will need a special accommodations that was not addressed in this publication, please make your request in writing no later than April 29th by sending an email to:

Professional photographers will take photographs of candidates in front of the School of Engineering banner and as they are presented with their diploma covers. All students are asked to fill out the address card that will be provided to them in the Field House. Color proofs will be mailed to the address they provide on the card. Tripods are NOT allowed in Gampel Pavilion. Members of the audience using hand-held cameras may take pictures during the ceremony from the concourse level of Gampel Pavilion. To accommodate everyone, individuals are requested to use these areas for only a short time and then return to their seats.

Large bags, cameras with removable lenses, food, beverages (including water bottles) are among the items NOT allowed at Gampel. All bags will be checked upon entry. Strollers are not permitted in any seating areas or on the concourse and stroller storage is very limited; all patrons are encouraged to leave them safely stored inside their vehicles. Balloons will not be permitted. You will be asked to leave them outside or return them to your vehicle. Outside food and beverages will not permitted in Gampel. Snacks and beverages will be available for purchase inside. The complete list of prohibited and allowed items is given here:

Metal detectors will be in used upon entry of the ceremony. You will be asked to remove cell phones, cameras, headwear, keys, and other large metal objects while walking through the metal detectors. Coins, belts, wallets, watches, and jewelry can remain on. 

Alcohol is not permitted at the Field House or Gampel and will be confiscated by our security personnel before entry.

You can find detailed answers to all other questions here:

Or contact