Engineering’s Lifelong Learning Program (EL3P)

Participate in EL3P only through Engineering House!

Beginning in fall 2015, freshmen students living in Engineering House will have the exclusive option of participating in a new program, Engineering’s Lifelong Learning Program (EL3P). EL3P is both an educational program and a research study. Through EL3P, the School of Engineering is evaluating whether an innovative educational program will help students achieve academic success and career preparation.

During Fall 2015, Engineering House freshmen will meet weekly for one hour on Sunday evenings in Batterson Hall to discuss the science of learning and its application to academic and professional life. During Spring 2016, the program will meet biweekly. For the following 1-2 academic years, the program will meet on a monthly basis. Issues of focus will include:

♦ What happens in the brain when learning occurs;

♦ What it means to study a subject; and,

♦ What it means to be a professional.

Through EL3P and at no cost to students, Engineering House freshmen will have an opportunity to read important works about the science of learning, discuss barriers and solutions to learning complex subjects, meet UConn faculty members and professional engineers, and eat chicken wings. Students will be asked to respond to surveys and questionnaires (two times per semester) about their experience in the program, which will also monitor the impact of the program on grades and progress in engineering.

For more information about this program, please contact Ms. Velda Alfred-Abney, or 860-486-5536, in the School of Engineering’s Engineering Outreach and Diversity Center (EDOC – Engineering II, room 320) .

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