Senior Design Group Photos 2020

Congratulations on Completing Senior Design 2020!

It was not the Gampel event that you had planned for over so many years, but your effort and your final projects are a great source of pride to all of us in the School of Engineering. One of the annual traditions that would have happened at Gampel is taking a department/program group photo. We don’t want the class of 2020 to miss out on this commemorative group photo. So we have a plan to get this done for you.

We are excited to ask you all to contribute your portrait to a Senior Design poster series that is being compiled for all UConn Engineering departments. Each Senior Design 2020 student will receive the high resolution group photo at no cost. We have hired Defining Studios to do this project. (Many of you have met Roger Castonguay of Defining Studios at SoE events or through a Learning Community.)

We are hoping to have 100% participation – please help us make this happen for you and your senior design team members – text/tweet/snap/etc to your peers to encourage full participation. Thanks so much!!! 

Below are the instructions that Defining Studios has provided for us to share with you :

We need your submission as soon as possible, so it can be placed into your department’s poster in time for review, submission and publication.  

Please watch our instructional video for guidance taking your portrait.  You must shoot a vertical image for this design. IF you happen to have an older photograph that you would like to submit, please make sure it has a similar look and feel to what is being asked.  

We strongly suggest that you upload your photograph using your phone. Please follow the photo requirements outlined below for optimal outcome. 

Composition We need your entire head to slightly below your collarbone in the photo. 
Angle Always photograph yourself from directly ahead of you or ABOVE, NEVER from BELOW.  
Selfie Camera When you flip the camera to the front facing camera, also know at the “selfie camera”, you will be able to see yourself more easily.  Although, this makes it easier for you to see your picture, it significantly reduces image quality.  If you are able to have someone take your picture using the front camera please do so without having that person block your lighting source.  Remember, the selfie camera will likely result in a photo with 1/2 of the resolution quality. 
Lighting During the day, sit looking TOWARDS a window for a soft natural light. Never have the window behind you or you’ll turn into a silhouette.  If the light is too bright, or too direct, move further into the room.
Digital Zoom


That means do not “pinch” your image to zoom in.  This feature doesn’t actually zoom, it CROPS.  That means that the resolution becomes VERY poor.  If you want to “zoom” in, just get closer to the device.

Exposure & Focus Make sure that YOU comprise the majority of the screen, AND that you are not too close to a light source.  IF you look too bright (washed out), then move slightly away from the light source and the lighting should even out.  Please crop your photo according to the instructional video example; we need your entire head and slightly below your collarbone in the photo.

Photo Submission Process ↓ 

If you’re on a PHONE/TABLET, to SUBMIT YOUR PHOTO USING DROPBOX, follow these steps:

  1. Click the link/URL to access the department upload folder  
  2. Click “Choose files”
  3. Select “Take Photo or Video” to create a new photograph or “Photo Library” to access one you have already taken.  Please follow our guidance for how to create the best photograph using your phone.  
  4. After you’ve created or chosen your photograph, please be sure to enter your FIRST & LAST NAME along with your email. Your name on the poster will be named according to this entry, so please enter it correctly.
  5. Click upload to finish.

If you’re on a COMPUTER, to SUBMIT YOUR PHOTO USING DROPBOX, follow these steps:

  1. Click the link/URL to access the department upload folder
  2. Click “Choose files”
  3. Locate the file on your computer by navigating your Finder/Browser and click “Open”. If your computer has a camera on it, you may be given the choice to create a photograph that way; please do not.  Web cams are not the quality that we are looking for, so only use photographs created by your phone or an otherwise professionally taken image. 
  4. After you’ve created or chosen your photograph, pleasebe sure to enter your FIRST & LAST NAME along with your email. Your name on the poster will be named according to this entry, so please enter it correctly.
  5. Click upload to finish.

The URL’s below are live and ready for uploads! (If you graduated with a double major – you can submit your photo to both majors.)

Biomedical Engineering Students

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Students

Civil Engineering Students

Computer Science & Engineering Students (CompSci & CSE)

Electrical & Computer Engineering Students (CompE & EE)

Engineering Physics Students

Environmental Engineering Students

Management & Engineering for Manufacturing Students

Materials Science & Engineering Students

Mechanical Engineering Students

Please feel free to reach out to Roger Castonguay of Defining Studios should you need any help with your portrait or upload!
Text or Call: 860.906.8099

Thank you so much for your submissions and good luck in all that you do!!!!