SoE General Education Courses “Gen Eds”

General Education Requirements for the School of Engineering – “Gen Eds”

To fulfill the general education requirements for your Engineering degree, you must select coursework from the approved list of general education courses. These requirements include taking two courses in each of the four content areas, two writing courses beyond ENGL 1010 or 1011 (one must be 2000 level or higher in your major), and three years of a single foreign language in high school or two semesters of an elementary level language in college.

Content Area 1- Arts and Humanities (need 2)

** One course must be PHIL 1104- Philosophy and Social Ethics

Content Area 2- Social Sciences  (need 2)

Content Area 3- Science and Technology (Fulfilled by coursework in your major – need 2)

Content Area 4- Diversity and Multiculturalism  (need 2)

** One course must be an International course

Need help finding specific gen ed courses to fulfill your general education requirements? Please visit this link:

If you need additional guidance, please consult with your assigned advisor.