Scholarships are an opportunity to support students through their education at UConn. Below you will find information on applying to scholarships through the College of Engineering, as well as a variety of other outside opportunities to receive financial support.

The College of Engineering takes a "one-to-many" approach to applying for a scholarship. Students fill out ONE detailed online application that supplies us with information used to match you to the many funds we have available to award to qualified undergraduate students.

To complete an application, students will use this software: CommunityForce.

  • You will only need to create one CommunityForce account here.
  • Each year you will be asked to update any information that has changed in your profile.
  • In the application, you will supply general information, and a personal statement - focusing on what you want to highlight about yourself that might be of interest to a donor.
  • NOTE: In the continuing students' application up will also upload a current resume. 

The College of Engineering Undergraduate
scholarship application form for 2024/2025 funding opened in the CommunityForce portal on
November 1, 2023 and closes on
the firm deadline of
Other UCONN scholarship application forms using the CommunityForce app will have
their deadlines published on the CommunityForce landing page.

For information related to other university scholarships and financial aid, please contact Student Financial Aid Services

Phone: (860) 486-2819


Fax:  (860) 486-6629

Additional Scholarships
Beyond the CommunityForce applications, students are encouraged to apply for scholarships outside of University funding. Explore these opportunities here. 

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Diversity Scholarship Opportunities

Diversity Scholarship Opportunities

**The UConn College of Engineering FIRST Scholarship for Entering Freshmen is funding for current FIRST Robotics High School seniors only.