Plan of Study

The submission of a preliminary and final Plan of Study (POS) is an official requirement for graduation at the College of Engineering.  

preliminary Plan of Study form must be submitted during the first semester of the junior year (54 earned credits). 

final Plan of Study must be submitted as soon as possible after registering for your final semester of coursework.  


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What is the Preliminary Plan of Study?
The preliminary Plan of Study has students map out the entirety of their degree coursework to assist them in conversations with their assigned advisor about meeting all degree requirements prior to graduation. *If the preliminary POS is denied, you must fix whatever errors are indicated and submit a new, correct POS that satisfies all degree requirements. If the POS is approved, you now have a complete and accurate plan to reach graduation. If you decide to deviate from this plan, it is your responsibility to discuss the changes with your academic advisor and ensure that you are still completing all degree requirements.

What is the difference between a Preliminary and Final POS?
A preliminary Plan of Study is filed after a student has reached junior credit standing (54 credits or more) and outlines the student’s plan for the remainder of their coursework until graduation. 

final Plan of Study is filed after you have registered for your final semester of coursework. The final Plan of Study must demonstrate that the student meets all requirements to graduate.  

Who fills out the Plan of Study?
It is the student’s responsibility to fill out and file both the preliminary and final POS. However, students should do so with the guidance of their Academic Advisor. It is ideal to start this process at least one semester ahead of time, that is, in the spring of your sophomore year. 

When should I submit my preliminary Plan Of Study?
Students with junior standing (54 credits) must submit a preliminary POS. The College of Engineering and our accreditation board requires that you submit a preliminary POS in your junior year. This requirement is outlined in the undergraduate catalog under the College of Engineering. 

Your preliminary POS is submitted through Student Admin., prior to registering for courses for the following semester, or a hold will be placed on the Student Admin account to prevent registration. Once the plan is approved, your hold will be automatically removed. 

*If you do not file your POS and this prevents you from registering when your registration appointment time opens (commonly called a pick time), please do not request your hold be lifted immediately. Failure to file your POS in a timely manner is not sufficient justification to have your hold lifted on an "emergency" basis. The advising staff and your major's department personnel must be allowed sufficient time to review your submission and ultimately approve or disapprove it. 

When should I submit my Final Plan Of Study?
The final POS must be submitted as soon as possible after registering for your final semester of coursework. The latest a final POS can be submitted is by the end of the fourth week of the semester in which a student plans to graduate. 

For more assistance, contact your academic advisor.