Other Academic Resources

UConn offers a variety of resources to support students academically.


University Academic Resources

UConn Interlibrary Services A cooperative effort that allows UConn students, faculty, and staff to obtain PDFs of materials (such as e-books, papers, proceedings,  articles, and chapters) from other libraries and institutions.
Q-Center A resource to elevate the proficiency of students taking quantitative intensive (Q) courses across the undergraduate curriculum. We provide direct assistance to students via peer tutoring, review sessions, and the creation of innovative learning tools.
Writing Center A support service of tutors available to help you with your assignments, ideas, questions, and drafts. Our undergraduate and graduate tutors are ready to work with you at any stage in the writing process. 
Academic Achievement Center Assists students in attaining their academic and personal goals by providing a comprehensive, personalized array of programs, resources, and services which enhance skill development, effective decision-making, and personal transitions to and within the university setting.

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UConn Interlibrary Services

Q Center

Writing Center

Academic Achievement Center