Current UConn Students


Are you a UConn student — not currently enrolled in the College of Engineering — looking to apply into the College of Engineering? A current College of Engineering student looking to apply for a major change within the school?


  • Apply to the College of Engineering from a different school or college within the University
  • Apply to change your current Engineering major to a different one within the College of Engineering
  • Apply for admission to the Management and Engineering for Manufacturing (MEM) Program (dually conferred degree of the College of Engineering and School of Business). 

If your application is denied — and you have additional questions — you are welcome to contact the Undergraduate Office directly to inquire. Admission into any CoE program is competitive. Space constrained majors (Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Engineering, Data Science and Engineering and Biomedical Engineering) are most competitive for admission. Decisions are based on GPA and engineering-related coursework, and you will be evaluated against all of the other students who applied to the same major during the same review period as your submission.



Admission is based on space availability in the desired major and your academic performance as indicated by your cumulative grade point average (cGPA). Your application will be reviewed in comparison to others who apply, to your targeted major, in the same semester as you.

Applications are only accepted online. The site Applications are only reviewed twice a year – in January and June. 

  • To be considered for spring admission, you must enter your application in the request system by December 25th
  • To be considered for fall admission, you must enter your application in the request system by May 25th. 

You will be notified of your admission status through your UConn email address. You may only have one active application in our PPC system at a time, but you can reapply for future admissions reviews if originally denied admissions to your desired major. You are able to include a first and second choice major request in one application. 

Minimum Criteria (for all majors except MEM):

  • Enrollment in, or completion of a Lab Science related to major (Example: CHEM 1127Q) and MATH 1131Q or beyond at UCONN 
  • Grade of a C or better in most recent STEM classes 
  • 2.7 cGPA 
  • Full time status at time of application (12 credits or more) or a minimum of two part time semesters  
  • Course withdrawals in the semester applying can negatively impact the chance for admissions that semester 
  • CS / CSE / CompE / DSE applicants must be enrolled in, or completed CSE 1010
  • Please note: Multidisciplinary Engineering applicants must consult with Shoshana Armington ( about intended concentration. 

Minimum Criteria for MEM Admission: 

  • 2.79 cGPA
  • Grade of C or better in most recent STEM and business classes
  • Either STAT, ECON or ACCT class completed with C or better, in addition to the minimum STEM requirements (lab science and MATH 1131Q at UConn) 
  • 24 minimum credits in residence 

Note: AP credits and transfer credits are not taken into consideration during the admission review. ECE credits will be considered ​once non-degree decisions have been added to a student's account (spring semester).  

Minimum Eligibility Criteria for Current CoE Students: Be in good academic standing with the College of Engineering for admission to non-space limited programs. Space limited programs will review requests based on space availability in the major and academic performance. Multidisciplinary Engineering applicants must consult with Shoshana Armington ( about intended concentration. Admission guaranteed to MEM during first semester only.



Keep in mind that some majors are more competitive for admission compared to other majors. The following varies by semester and are not a guarantee of admission. The below information is a reflection of last semester's review decisions. You are encouraged to apply if you meet the above stated minimums.

  • Biomedical Engineering: Previous semester review standard was a minimum 3.2 cGPA with significant STEM coursework (12+ STEM credits) and strong STEM GPA (B/B+ or better average). 
  • Computing Majors (CS/CSE/CompE/DSE): Previous semester review admitted approximately top 50% of applicants, B's or better in Math and CSE classes, both CSE 1010 and CSE 1729 or CSE 2050 completed and a strong cumulative GPA. Potential for admission with CSE 1010 only if cumulative GPA is 3.5 or higher and space permits.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Previous semester review standard was a 3.3 cumulative GPA minimum, no STEM grades lower than a C, no withdrawals in required major coursework in semester applied.



If you're considering applying into the College of Engineering, check out these resources to guide the process.