Engineering Living Learning Communities

What is a Learning Community?

Living & Learning Communities at UConn allow students with a similar major or interest to choose to live together in a residence hall. Students in each community are enrolled in a one-credit seminar course or course cluster together, and engage in other activities as a community outside of class. These activities include: social and cultural events; study groups; volunteer work in areas of interest to you; opportunities for internships; interacting one-on-one or in small groups with faculty, staff, peer mentors and guest speakers; field trips; and more.

Learning Communities offer a fun way for you to learn about, and adjust to, life at UConn — a very large and complex community — within a smaller, close-knit community. They place you on a path to make the most out of your time at UConn, and they create a rich and integrated university experience that will inspire you to become an engaged lifelong learner. Discover resources and opportunities available to you at UConn from the start.

For information about Engineering House, Eurotech House, and other Learning Communities:

EL3P: Engineering Lifelong Learning Program; This program is offered to students in Engineering House.

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