Senior Design Demonstration Day

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May 1st 2020: Senior Design Demonstration Day
(Virtual Event)

A message from Daniel Burkey, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education, to our Senior Design Teams:

Due to the COVID-19 situation, Senior Design Day in Gampel will not occur as a physical event. Dean Kazerounian and all of our engineering department leaders are turning this into a virtual event, designed to engage our senior design teams, judges, sponsors, and the public in meaningful ways during this period of social distancing. It will resemble the summary that teams have produced of their project in as many ways as possible.

Senior Design Students,

We are proud of the amazing design work you have done and we look forward to recognizing you and your projects!

Since we had to cancel the in-person Senior Design Day event, we have developed a virtual Senior Design Day that provides a forum for you to show off the hard work you have done all year and receive feedback. Virtual Senior Design Demo Day will also demonstrate to your sponsors, corporate partners and the state of Connecticut that UConn Engineering is, and always will be, at the forefront of innovation and creativity, even during the current global pandemic.

We are proud to inform you that we will be sharing all that you, your sponsors, and faculty have accomplished together in a new website that will launch on Friday, May 1st at noon. The content you provide to us will be put together on this website, and be available to you, your judges, your family and friends, K-12 students, state legislators, and the general public.

Senior Design Student Instructions for Virtual Design Day

  1. All student teams should complete a (maximum) 5 minute video on their project.
    1. Each department/program has been asked to provide specific guidelines to students about what to include. Since these will be viewable by the public and you won’t be able to explain your work in person to visitors, a “lay person” explanation of the significance of the work would be very useful.
    2. Some teams may be able to include video of their actual project, some of you may only be able to have slides or diagrams. We encourage creativity – don’t stress it – we know you will do a great job!
    3. The video does NOT replace any final deliverables you have for your SDD class – it is a companion piece to your project.
  2. Upload your team video here:
    1. The form collects name, department, and group number.
    2. The form asks if you have permission from the sponsor (internal or external) to have the video viewable by the public. Don’t guess – ask your sponsor!
    3. The form establishes a file naming convention: DEPARTMENTNAME.GROUPNUMBER.mp4 Example: mechanical.group22.mp4 or chemical.group5.mp4, etc.
  3. Deadline for Student Uploads is Friday, April 24th
    1. The School wants to launch the new virtual Senior Design Day website on Design Day (Friday, May 1st). The 4/24 deadline for video submissions allows the school’s Media Production team about a week to process, upload, and organize all the video. Please do your best to meet this deadline.

Evaluation of Senior Design Project Work
Each program/department is setting up a method for evaluating senior design work. Your department/program Senior Design Leadership will communicate this to you once their plans are in place. Please check your huskymail for this communication.