SDDD – 2019 Winning Teams


Congrats to our Winning Teams!

Biomedical Engineering

First Place 
Team 6, “Mechanical Assay for the Evaluation of Breast Cancer Pharmaceuticals”
Members: Krishna Dixit, Zoe Moscato, Quinn Shields (Dr. Kazunori Hoshino)

Second Place
Team 4, “Intravascular Hemorrhage Control Device for Trauma to the lliac Arteries”
Members: Kyle Bystrianyk, Samuel Ganem, Bennett Propp, Robert Silverman, Paige Woods (Dr. Ki Chon) 

Third Place
Team 27, “DST Series EEA Stapler Staple Line Wound Protector”
Members: Jeffrey Baroody, Kenneth Berkery, Eric D’Souza (Dr. Bin Feng)

Honorable Mention
Team 26, “Multifactorial Clavicle Plate Design and Strength Analysis”
Members: Sayan Basu, Danielle Caefer, Devin Finnerty (Dr. Krystyna Gielo-Perczak)


Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

First Place
Team 19, “Tumor on a Chip”
Members: Ugne Kirvelevicius, Kush Kumar, John Pettersen, Albert Tuli IV (Dr. Mu-Ping Nieh)

Second Place
Team 18, “Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition Fluid Modeling for Thermal Glass Applications”
Members: Howie Craig, Tori Danis, Alex Oliveira, John Yao (Dr. Brian Willis)

Third Place
Team 15, “Reduction of Pt Loading in PEM Electrolyzers using RSDT”
Members: Patrick Mascoli, Soha Nadeem, Andrea Naranjo Soledad (Dr. Radenka Maric)

Honorable Mentions
Team 14, “Optimal Design of a Sustainable Intensified Food Production System”
Members: Alberto Aguillon, Shaylin Cetegen, Alanna Gado (Dr. Matthew Stuber)
Team 11, “Modeling the Fluidization of Carbon Black for Post-Production Treatment”
Members: Keith Loureiro, Jimi McLellan, Ian Puckette, Kamil Wielechowski (Dr. George Bollas)


Civil Engineering

First Place
Team 22 (Civil), “National Chromium Site Remediation”
Members: Cameron Criniti, Caleb Erhard, Trenton Kowalec, Robin Rittgers (Dr. Nefeli Bompoti)

Second Place
Team 10 (Civil), “Fenton River Embankment Improvement”
Members: Cameron Criniti, Caleb Erhard, Trenton Kowalec, Robin Rittgers (Dr. Lanbo Liu)

Third Place
Team 5 (Civil), “Traffic Sign Replacement Strategy and Intersection Design”
Members: Daniel Terach, Gavin Metsack, Ben Jednak, Michael Pagano (Dr. Nicholas Lownes)

Computer Science & Engineering

First Place
Team 26, “Secure Embedded Architecture for the 1042 Processer”
Members: Brandon Renick, Cameron Morris, Killian Greene, Jacob Boislard (Dr. Bing Wang)

Second Place
Team 37, “Predictive Maintenance through Digitalization of Manufacturing Indictors”
Members: Nathan Hom, Mike Marandino, Kyle Berry, and Jon Simonin (Dr. Song Han, Dr. Mousumi Roy)

Third Place
Team 3, “Synchrony Financial Voice Experience”
Members: Mariem Ouni, Richie Viscardi, Fitch Spencer, and Zachary Galica (Dr. Yufeng Wu)


Electrical & Computer Engineering

First Place
Team 1915, “Electromagnetic Expulsion of a Cylindrical Body from an Outer Tube”
Members: Christian Corwel, Stevan Webb, George Zoghbi (Dr. Abhishek Dutta) 

Second Place
Team 1901, “Autonomous Firefighting Helicopter”
Members: Ryan Heilemann, Kerry Jones, Joshua Steil (Dr. Ashwin Dani)

Third Place
Team 1914, “Implantable Glucose Sensor Communication System”
Members: Luke Boylan, Jack Davidson, Abhi Patni (Dr. John Chandy)

Honorable Mentions
Team 1910, “Real-time and Secure Wireless Systems based on Software Defined Radio”
Members: Nicholas Cacace, Md Islam, Anam Qureshi (Dr. Shengli Zhou)
Team 1918, “Analysis of Constrained Pockets in the Transmission System”
Members: Benjamin Albano, Noah Gonzalez, Tara Stokes (Dr. Peng Zhang)

Environmental Engineering

First Place
Team 4 (Environmental), “Quantum Biopower FOG Treatment”
Members: Donald Curtiss, Aaron Golab (Dr. Baikun Li)

Second Place
Team 6 (Environmental), “Remediation of an Oil Terminal Site”
Members: Daniel Zeigher, Jennifer Mulqueen, Katie Katrichis (Dr. Amine Dahmani)

Third Place
Team 3 (Environmental), “National Chromium Site Remediation”
Members: Ian Adomeit, Tony Arreaga, Ginger Turner, Sikai Zheng (Dr. Nefeli Bompoti)


Management & Engineering for Manufacturing

First Place (tie)
Team 2, “Logistics VNA Material Movement Analysis”
Members: Kenneth Jordan, Victoria Marino, Zeen Zhang (Dr. Mousumi Roy)
Team 6, “WickAway Smart Automatic Candle Extinguisher”
Members: Max Aronow, Justin Cooper, Ray Fagan (Dr. Liang Zhang)

Third Place (tie)
Team 7, “Cost and Risk Analysis for Nano-coating Process of PEM Electrolyzers”
Members: Suzana Amaral, Omkar Patil (Dr. Craig Calvert)
Team 8, “IoT for Predictive Maintenance”
Members: Nathan Hom, Mike Marandino (Dr. Mousumi Roy and Dr. Song Han)


Materials Science & Engineering

First Place
Team 13, “Design of a Machine Learning Algorithm to Design/Discover Layered Materials for Battery Applications”
Members: Hetal Patel (Dr. Avinash Dongare)

Second Place
Team 9, “Post-Processing Heat Treatments of Additively Manufactures Aluminum Alloy, AlSi10Mg”
Members: Beril Tonyali, Avery Gray, Lara Huapaya Royas (Dr. Seok-Woo Lee)

Third Place (tie)
Team 12, “Compression Molding of Carbon Block Filters”
Members: Iwona Wrobel, Jordan Gomes, Linghao Li (Dr. Stefan Schaffoener)
Team 4, “Sheet Metal Properties and their Effects on Deep Drawing”
Members: Grace Quinlan, Steven Kha, Joao Carlos Barbosa (Dr. Lesley Frame)


Mechanical Engineering

First Place
Team 19, “Design of a Proportional Flow Valve”
Members: Luke Nichols, Ben Swartzell, Vincent Zhang (Dr. Chenyu Cao)

Second Place
Team 46, “Automated Positioning System to Take High Precision Measurements on a Radio Frequency Filter”
Members: Bobby Bickley, Jonathon Jacobs, Matthew Kramer (Dr. Bryan Weber)

Third Place (tie)
Team 60, “Design, Development and Fabrication of a Right Sized Flat Pattern Laser Cutter”
Members: Eli Gates, Leah Morasutti, Michelle Reinert, Zeke Pare (Dr. Vito Moreno)
Team 62, “Alternative Cable Fatigue Testing Machine”
Members: Ted Blake, Steve LoPresti, Guillermo Mercado (Dr. David M. Pierce)

Professor’s Award (tie)
Team 3, “Analysis and Optimization of a High-Speed Catamaran Airboat”
Members: Connor McNaboe, Andrew Yin (Dr. Georgios Matheou)
Team 57, “Surface Finish Impact on Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop for Additively Manufactured Fins”
Members: Katrina Awad, Vincent Chen, Justin Longton (Dr. Chih-Jen Sung)

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