Engineering Physics Overview

One of the degree programs offered by the School of Engineering is a Bachelor of Science of Engineering in Engineering (BSE) in Engineering Physics. This program is offered jointly by the School of Engineering and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Department of Physics.

The goal of the interdisciplinary Engineering Physics program is to offer engineering students an in-depth exploration of physical principles paired with a solid background in quantitative skills and mastery in an engineering discipline. Engineering Physics students have the option of three concentrations: Electrical, Mechanical, or Materials Science. Student can pursue this degree program from the School of Engineering or the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS). If you pursue the degree from the School of Engineering, you will receive a BSE in Engineering Physics. If you pursue the degree from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, you will receive a BS in Engineering Physics (Bachelor of Science) and will be required to complete the general education requirements for CLAS.

In the first year, students will have a professional academic advisor to help guide the declaration of the concentration in Engineering Physics. Once students have declared their concentration, generally in the sophomore year, they will be guided by a faculty advisor for their concentration.

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