If admitted to the SoE and taking classes at the Hartford campus, you will be coded as ACES- Exploring Engineering full time at Storrs.

Sample Engineering Curriculum

              First Semester                                                                      Second Semester

MATH 1131Q                                4 Credits             MATH 1132Q                                 4 Credits

CHEM 1127Q                                 4 Credits             CHEM 1128Q or PHYS 1501Q      4 Credits

CSE 1010                                        3 Credits             ENGR 1166 or CSE 1729                3 Credits

ENGL 1010/1011                           4 Credits             GEN ED                                          3 Credits

ENGR 1000                                    1 Credit               GEN ED                                          3 Credits

                                    Total: 16 Credits                                                       Total: 17 Credits


** Campus change approval prior to 54 credits is contingent upon your admission to the School of Engineering. **


Second Year ENGR Offerings (Subject to change): CSE 2300 (Fall), CE 2110 (Fall), MSE 2101 (Fall), ME 2233 (Spring), ECE 2000 (Spring).