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COVID-19 Information and Resources for Students

LAST UPDATED: Monday April 27, 3:15 PM. Latest updates highlighted in yellow.

Updated info on Refunds for Unused Housing and Dining Plans

Guidance for Undergraduate Researchers from OUR

Latest Updates: Monday April 27, 2020:

P/F Date Revision: The University Senate has revised the deadline for selecting P/F for Spring 2020 classwork. The deadline is now May 15th (changed from May 1). Grades are due no later than May 12, so students will be able to know their grade before they elect P/F grading for the semester. For complete info on selecting P/F grading, please see the detailed instructions below.

Older Updates:

Internal Admissions Process. In the June admission review, the School of Engineering will accept the “P” notation to meet admission requirements, including minimum eligibility criteria. Space limited programs will treat “P’s” favorably and continue to evaluate a student on the sum of their achievement. Contact shoshana.armington@uconn.edu with additional P/F questions related to SoE admission. 

Latin Honors. If you put one or all of your final semester of courses on pass/fail and have 54+ calculable, graded credits, Latin Honors will not be affected. See the University policy here: https://registrar.uconn.edu/latin-honors/

Internships & Employment. Center for Career Development has a rich wealth of resources to help you navigate career choices during this difficult time, including job boards still hiring, individualized career counseling, free GRE and MCAT prep, and more: http://career.uconn.edu

COVID-19 course. The coronavirus-themed UNIV 1985 and UNIV 3985 undergraduate course can be dropped without a “W” notation on your transcript simply by emailing registrar@uconn.edu before Friday, May 1 at 11:59pm. You do not need advisor consent.  

SDD Information for Seniors: Click here

Pass/Fail Grading and Dropping Courses The university senate passed a resolution that amends standard restrictions on pass-fail grading for the Spring 2020 Semester.

  • Dropping a course:
    • Deadline for P/F grading or dropping a course must be received by the registrar by midnight on May 1, 2020.
    • Dropping a single class requires an advisor’s email for confirmation. Multiple classes requires the UG Dean: engr-ugdean@uconn.edu
    • 2020 graduates should confirm dropping a course does not impact their graduation eligibility.
  • P/F Grading:
    • Registrar’s Webform for P/F is here: https://registrar.uconn.edu/pass-fail-spring-2020/
    • We highly encourage you to consult with your academic advisor before finalizing your decision. You have until May 15th May 1st to elect P/F grading.
    • For the Spring 2020 semester, any of your courses can be placed on P/F. This includes all engineering/major required coursework, general education courses and related coursework. The courses will still count towards graduation requirements and total required credits. P/F courses will still satisfy prerequisites for future coursework. There is no limit on how many courses you can place on P/F this semester. 
    • To earn a Pass, it is the equivalent of a D- or higher. Your transcript will reflect a “P” or “F”, which will not affect your GPA, much like a transfer course. The full credits will count, but will not be calculated into your GPA.
    • Before you decide to change a class to P/F, please consider the following;
      • Sequential coursework. Please be mindful that all 12 Engineering majors have highly scaffolded curricula. This means that mastery of foundational concepts in one prerequisite course is essential for success in the following course. Generally, a grade of C- or better is typically an indicator of readiness to move on, although you alone are best suited to determine this.
      • Dean’s List. If a course is placed on pass/fail, you still complete the course and it is graded in the usual way by the instructor, and the instructor submits a letter grade. On your transcript, this letter grade is translated into a ‘P’ (‘D-‘ or above) or an ‘F’. A course taken on Pass/Fail is not included in the computation of the semester or cumulative GPA, but a grade below ‘C’ makes the student ineligible for the Dean’s List.
      • Repeat Forgiveness. If you are repeating a course this semester, be mindful of the Repeat Forgiveness rules. The credits will be counted towards the Spring 2020 credit total, but grade points will not be included in the GPA calculation if you decide to place a repeated course on Pass/Fail. The registered credit and grade for the prior completion of the course shall remain on the transcript, but shall be removed from the GPA and credit calculation.
      • Considering Graduate School? You should carefully consider putting a course in your desired area of study on pass/fail, and review the admission requirements for your program or programs of interest.
      • Considering Medical/Dental School? Students who are considering applying for medical or dental school should watch for more information. Pre-professional advisors across the nation are trying to learn how Pass/Fail courses for this semester might affect applications. Apply to the Pre-Med and Pre-Dental ListSERV for the latest updates.
      • Graduate courses can be put on P/F to count for an undergraduate engineering degree requirement, but these courses would not count in a graduate program.
      • Changing majors outside of SoE, pursuing a dual degree or minor? If you’re considering changing major to another school or college, be sure to review the policies of the other school or college before finalizing your decision: https://registrar.uconn.edu/pass-fail-spring-2020/. Policies vary by school/college. 
      • Honors students. Honors credit will be allowed in courses approved for P/F grading providing you earn a grade of B- or above in the class. The minimum 6 required honors credits for the 2019-2020 academic year has been waived this year. See honors.uconn.edu for further spring 2020 policy updates. 
      • NCAA Athletes. Direction has not been provided yet by the NCAA. Please wait for further direction from the NCAA before changing any course to P/F. 
    • Please note that taking a course pass/fail can be both a both a benefit (protection from poor grades) and disadvantage (cannot boost GPA). We recommend you use the GPA calculator to help make an informed decision.
    • The web form to request to change a course to pass/fail can be found here : https://registrar.uconn.edu/pass-fail-spring-2020/. There is no rush to change a class to P/F, as the deadline to place a course on P/F is the last day of classes, May 1st. If you place a course on P/F, you can change it back to graded by the May 1st deadline, if needed.

Performance Based Coursework – Courses that have a significant hands on component, such as labs, independent study, and senior design.

    • Laboratories and the machine shops will be closed to students for the duration of the semester. Do not plan to have access to any physical resources on campus for the duration of the semester.
    • Faculty for labs, independent study, and senior design will be in contact with you to share alternative assessments or modifications to the scope of work that will allow you to complete as many of the learning objectives as possible, safely.
    • Senior Design Day in Gampel will not occur as a physical event, but the departments and deanery are working on ideas on how to turn this into a virtual event, which can engage you, the judges, sponsors, and the public in important ways during this period of social distancing. Senior Design instructors will have specifics on this event as planning is completed, but it will resemble the summary you would have produced of your project in many ways.


Contact engr-ugdean@uconn.edu with questions.