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Teaching Resources for Faculty

Colleagues: This page will serve as a repository for teaching resources in support of our online transition for the COVID-19 outbreak. If you have resources you would like linked here, please send them to daniel.burkey@uconn.edu

General Online Teaching Guidelines:

  • Keep it simple! Ed Tech may fail under load, so have a Plan A, B, and C for your content.
  • If you choose to do synchronous meetings, try to record them as well, in case students have connectivity issues.
  • Consider accessibility – not all students may have laptops or high-speed internet where they are. Redundancy of info and flexibility.
  • Aim for serviceable, not stellar – this is triage – get the job done as best you can and be supportive and understanding of students.

UConn CETL Central Resources:

Quick Videos from SOE – Using Some Common Tools:

Video and Recording Lectures:

Assignments and Tests:

External Resources:

Senior Design Day – Alternative Planning:

Communicating Expectations with Students and Faculty:

  1. All students should complete a (max) 5 minute video on their project.
    1. Individual departments should provide guidelines to students to what to include. Since these will be viewable by the public, some “lay person” explanation of the significance of the work would be great to include.
    2. Some students may be able to include video of their actual project, some may only be able to have slides or diagrams. Encourage creativity – we’re not trying to add to student stress here.
    3. This does not have to replace any final deliverables you have for your SDD class – you can consider it complimentary.
  2. Students should upload their video here: https://forms.gle/Tky3Zedi8vxGqZmg6
    1. It collects their name, department, and group number
    2. It asks if they have permission from the sponsor (internal or external) to have the video viewable by the public
    3. It establishes a file naming convention: DEPARTMENTNAME.GROUPNUMBER.mp4 = e.g. mechanical.group22.mp4 or chemical.group5.mp4
  3. Deadline for Student Uploads is Friday April 24
    1. We want to launch the site on Design Day (May 1), and the team needs at least a week to process, upload, and organize all the video.

Virtual Evaluation of Student Work:

  1. If your program normally does judging, contact those judges now to determine their availability for virtual judging the week of 4/27
    1. I’ve done this for CBE and had incredibly positive response – 16 judges so far.
  2. Determine a plan for your program/department that allows students to interact with and get feedback with judges
    1. This can take a variety of forms. For example, CBE is going to schedule small WebEx’s with the group, 2-3 judges, and a faculty moderator. These can be done in parallel to increase throughput for large departments.
    2. With 23 groups in CBE and the number of judges volunteered, we can do all of this in one day with parallel sessions.
    3. Example included as Excel file, 3-4 judges per group
  3. Schedule this to occur on M 4/27, T 4/28, and W 4/29
    1. Provide your judges with a rubric and virtual scorecard (Google Forms works well for this)
    2. Collect their info, compile, and determine your winners as normal.
    3. By the end of the day on 4/29, have the SDD Coordinator or Dept Head film a small announcement of the winners.
  4. The media team will compile the videos, along with a welcome message from Kazem on 4/30
  5. The video, along with the website above will launch on May 1 at noon.