Our Student Staff

Major: MSE (Materials Science & Engineering) 

Year: Senior
Joined the student staff: August 2017
Campus Involvement: Phi Sigma Rho, Society of Women Engineers, Club Ultimate Frisbee
Favorite TV/Movie character: Lorelei Gilmore – Gilmore Girls
Favorite Book/Author: The Rescue 
A fun fact about me: I met the 2016 Olympic bronze medalist for the women’s 100M breaststroke 
Major: Civil Engineering

Year: Senior
Why I Chose UConn: For the beautiful campus which encompasses the lovely New England weather and a great environment to learn and grow as a person
Joined the student staff: September 2017
Campus Involvement: Material Advantage, Husky-for-a-day, Intramural Sports
Favorite TV/Movie character: Tyrion Lanister — Game of Thrones
Favorite Book/Author: A Long Way Gone — Ishmael Beah
A fun fact about me:I am half British and half Indian
Major: ME (Mechanical Engineering)

Year: Senior
Joined the student staff: September 2017
Campus Involvement: Engineering Ambassadors, Intramural Sports
Why I Chose UConn: Vast Engineering Department, Closer to home
A fun fact: I have an identical twin brother
Major: Allied Health Sciences

Year: Senior
Joined the student staff: June 2018
Campus Involvement: Alpha Epsilon Phi and Pre-Physician Assistant Patient Care Alliance
Favorite TV/Movie Character: Moana
A fun fact: I played the flute for nine years
Major: Material Science and Engineering
Year: Junior
Joined the student staff: September 2018
Campus Involvement: Gamma Phi Beta, WiSTEM
Favorite TV/Movie Character: Stefan from Vampire Diaries
Favorite Book/Author: The Watch That Ends the Night by Allan Wolf
Why I chose UConn: I wanted a large state school with great academics, I found that in UConn, and it’s very close to home.
A Fun Fact: I transferred to UConn Fall 2018 from the University of Pittsburg.
Major: Mathematics/Actuarial Science/Finance
Year: Junior
Joined the student staff: October 2018
Campus Involvement: Gamma Iota Sigma, Honors in Business Association
Favorite TV/ Movie Character: Frank- It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Why you chose UConn: It has a great actuarial program, and it is close to home.
A Fun Fact: I love trying new foods!

Major: Communication & Political Science
Year: Junior
Joined the student staff: February 2019 
Campus Involvement: HOLDUP!, Leadership Certification Series, FYE Mentoring 
Favorite TV Character: Nick from New Girl, Leslie Knope from Parks & Rec
Fun Facts: I have four siblings and I’m a coffee addict! 

Major: Geographic Information Science 
Year: Junior
Joined the student staff: June 2019
Campus Involvement: Beta Theta Pi
Why I chose UConn: My dad and brother went here, and it’s always fun to root for UConn athletics!
Favorite TV Character: Phil Weston- Kicking and Screaming
Fun Facts: I used to have a pet turtle!