Current UConn Students

UConn students may apply to change from their current UConn school or college to the School of Engineering using the on-line application available here

This online application allows students to:

  • Apply to the School of Engineering from a different school or college within the University
  • Apply to change their major from their current Engineering major to a different one within the School of Engineering
  • Apply for admission to the Management and Engineering for Manufacturing (MEM) Program (dually conferred degree of the School of Engineering and School of Business) please submit your request using this site.

If your application is denied, and you have additional questions, you are welcome to contact the Undergraduate office directly to inquire. Admission into any SoE program is competitive. Currently admission to Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering is the most competitive of our majors. Decisions are based on GPA and engineering-related coursework, and you will be evaluated against all of the other students who applied to the same major during the same review period as your submission.

Helpful links for current UConn students thinking of applying to an Engineering major:



(The following varies by semester and are not a guarantee of admission. You are encouraged to apply if you meet the above stated minimums.) 

  • Biomedical Engineering: Previous semester review standard was a minimum 3.0 cGPA with significant STEM coursework (12+ STEM credits) and strong STEM gpa (B or better average). 
  • Computing Majors (CS/CSE/CompE): Previous semester review standard was an around a 3.4 cGPA average, with ideally B’s or better in CSE and Math coursework, and CSE 1729 preferred.  
  • Mechanical Engineering: Previous semester review standard was a minimum 3.0 cGPA, ideally B’s or better in STEM coursework, and no STEM grades lower than a C. 
  • MEM: Previous semester review standard was a minimum 2.79 cGPA plus other minimum requirements listed on