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Senior Design Day 2021 (Virtual Event)

Senior Design Demonstration Day will once again be held as a virtual event for 2021, and will happen on the final day of the spring semester – Wednesday, April 28th.

As we did last year, the School will produce an interactive website documenting all senior design projects. Departments can use these sites as part or all of what their judges will review. The site will launch on the morning of April 28th. It will be public so that senior design students can share their project with friends and family, and the School can share with other schools/colleges, K-12 institutions, sponsors, and state legislators – showcasing how our senior design students have persevered and continue to do incredible things in difficult times.

Each team will have a student team manager, who will upload a project summary via a webform, and a 3-5 minute video about their project, via a Google form, by Sunday, April 11th. Senior Design students should look for regular emails from: engr-seniordesign@uconn.edu for details. To get an idea of what last year’s site looked like, please visit https://seniordesignday.engr.uconn.edu/

One of the annual traditions that would have happened at Gampel is taking a department/program group photo. We have scheduled a WebEx meeting to collect the student photos needed to produce the class of 2021’s commemorative department photo posters. Senior Design students and faculty will be notified via email about the date and time. Roger Castonguay of Defining Studios will host the WebEx call. He will give a quick “how to take your photo” demo. THEN he will ask you to switch to your camera app without leaving WebEx to take your photo. Students/faculty will upload the photo they just took to their department* dropbox links we will provide during the call. Roger expects that the whole call should only take about 15 or 20 minutes. * Double major students can upload the same photo to both majors if desired or choose one.