UConn Stamford offers two-years of Engineering. Engineering courses and supporting courses are offered by highly qualified faculty. Computer Science students can complete their B.S. degree at the Stamford campus. All other majors must transition to Storrs to complete their degree.

Sample Engineering Curriculum

                  First Semester                                                                      Second Semester

MATH 1131Q or MATH 1060Q   4 Credits              MATH 1131Q or 1132Q                 4 Credits

CHEM 1127Q                                 4 Credits             CHEM 1128Q                                  4 Credits

CSE 1010                                        3 Credits             ENGR 1166 or CSE 1729                3 Credits

ENGL 1010/1011                           4 Credits             GEN ED                                          3 Credits

ENGR 1000                                    1 Credit               GEN ED                                          3 Credits

                                    Total: 16 Credits                                                       Total: 17 Credits

Third Semester                                                                      Fourth Semester

MATH 2110Q                                 4 Credits            MATH 2410Q                                3 Credits

PHYS 1401Q                                   4 Credits            PHYS 1402Q                                  4 Credits

ENGR Course 1                               3 Credits            ENGR Course 3                              3 Credits

ENGR Course 2                               3 Credits            ENGR Course 4                              3 Credits

GEN ED                                          3 Credits            GEN ED                                         3 Credits

                                    Total: 17 Credits                                                       Total: 16 Credits


** Campus change approval prior to 54 credits is contingent upon your admission to the School of Engineering. **

Please note: CS and CSE students can stay at Stamford longer than the first year. There is a four year degree option for CS at Stamford. Curriculum available upon request.

PHYS 1401Q/1402Q is equivalent to PHYS 1501Q/1502Q, which is offered at Stamford

Second Year ENGR Offerings (Subject to change): CSE 2301 (Fall), CE 2110 (Fall), MSE 2101 (Fall), ME 2233 (Spring), ECE 2000 (Spring).