Launched in 2018, this program in Toulouse, France, takes place in the home of the European aerospace industry. It is also a major center of biomedical engineering and green technologies. In the concentration of its universities, industry, and research it is comparable to a Silicon Valley of Europe.

This exciting program with the University of Toulouse gives our students access to some of the top engineering schools in France. Technopole students will perfect their understanding of language and culture at one of France’s great humanities schools, including a course on the history of aeronautical engineering taught in French. During the second semester, students will pursue internships in companies, including Airbus, or labs in a huge range of fields. UConn and Toulouse are also exploring possible cross-Atlantic research collaborations that would allow our students to pursue research in laboratories both at UConn and in Toulouse.

Toulouse is an ideal location for students interested in the aerospace/aviation industry, mechanical, chemical, and electrical & computer engineering, materials sciences, genomics, and biomedical related research. All internships in France will be paid.

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