da Vinci Project

Geared Toward Math, Science and Technology Teachers of Grades 5-12

Enrich your teaching and classroom activities by incorporating elemental engineering into your curriculum.

During the July 6 – July 10, 2020 program, participants will spend an exciting week at the Storrs campus learning engineering fundamentals and developing practical curricula and exercises that will help them expose students to engineering. Participants will help select their focused workshop from one of various areas of engineering specialization. Participating teachers are very excited to go back to their classrooms and discuss how chemistry, physics, biology, and/or math knowledge and skills are integrated into solving challenging real-world problems…it’s called engineering!

Reasons to Attend

  1. Tour engineering laboratories, attend seminars, engage in discussions with teachers and professors on cutting edge topics in engineering, science and education.
  2. Gain exposure to the range of engineering careers, disciplines and core concepts that will improve your students’ ability to make informed career choices.
  3. Participants will attend a workshop devoted to favorite classroom demos. Teachers are welcome to present their favorite.
  4. Learn practical curricula and create engineering projects for the classroom.
  5. Networking opportunities with engineers from industry and academia.
  6. Collaboration with other teaching professionals interested in bringing engineering to the classroom.

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