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About Engineering House

The Engineering Learning Community exists as a supportive environment for students majoring in engineering. The community provides access to School of Engineering faculty and staff while aiming to give students an overview of career opportunities in the diverse field of engineering.

Engineering House Learning Community is open to all incoming first year students, sophomores, and juniors that have been admitted into the School of Engineering. Our community is located in Peter J. Werth Residence Tower.*

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The Student Leadership Team

Jenna, Floor Mentor


STUDYING: Biomedical Engineering

FUN FACT: I am on the UConn Ultimate Frisbee team!

Aditya, Floor Mentor


STUDYING: Computer Science and Engineering

FUN FACT: I've moved 13 times, across 3 countries, in my life.

Justin, Floor Mentor


STUDYING: Environmental Engineering

FUN FACT: I enjoy fly fishing.

Brian, Floor Mentor


STUDYING: Mechanical Engineering

FUN FACT: I am Brazilian (Nobody would think I am!)

Ashaleigh, Floor Mentor


STUDYING: Biomedical Engineering

FUN FACT: I'm Jamaican.



“It's great for first year students because they have an easier time connecting with their peers because we have so many fun events! It’s also great that we are all engineering majors because we can help each other with our classes.”

- Engineering House Member

Engineering House allows students to have a small college experience while still benefitting from the perks of a
large and diverse campus.” 

- Engineering House Member


Engineering House Events 

Students in Engineering House have the opportunity to engage in exciting events throughout the semester intended to promote community and engineering-based learning. Check out some of our recent events here:

Derby Car Competition

Derby Car Competition Group Photo

Our Engineering House Derby Car Competitors!


Our Winners!

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UNIV 1810 Circuit Derby Car Spring 2019 Winners:

  • First Place goes to Grease Lighting: Danielle Arsenault, Bettina Burke, Emily Goddard & Kaylee Walsh.
  • Second Place goes to Speed Masters: Austin Abate, Jiankai Hua, Pablo Medero & Daniel Yang.

LCIZ Derby Car Prize Winners:

  • The People’s Choice Award goes to Krusty Krew: Mike Austin, Tom Crosby, Tom Greene & Jiasheng Zou
  • The Innovation Award goes to Derby Car: Kewan Green, Ryan Lam, Timothy Rodrigue & Jamin Ware


Innovation Zone Pinewood Derby
Check out our video showing the Second Annual LCIZ Modified Pinewood Derby from April, 6th 2019!

Faculty Director of Engineering House Learning Community: Dr. Daniel Burkey